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A special thanks goes to anychart, who made it possible for us to represent this interactive charts to you

If your browser is not able to build the charts, you can get the raw data as a pdf here.

Covid-19 worldwide

On this page you'll see different charts concerning the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how it affects different countries in particular. These data are updated on a daily basis. (Source: ECDC/Open Data EU, data without warranty).

The charts are interactive! Feel free to select the data range for yourself; hover effects give you some more informations, clicks and right clicks on items give you some more options.

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Due to changes of the official datasets by the JHU, we have to reorder our data tables, whih are the base for the data on this site.

We will bring the daily updates to you as soon as possible

Take care and stay healthy, your iconcepts.at Team!

Here you'll find maps with different kind of data.
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This charts show the cases of total positive tested people in terms of numbers. Daily, accumulated and the current data in the different countries
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The same charts like before, but here with the data of the death cases.
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This charts show the fatality ratio. This ratio is the percentage of death cases compared to infected individuals (so many people of 100 infected individuals died with or because of Covid-19).
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Charts about the positive cases calculated per million citizens. In the 2nd chart, it shows the infected ratio in a better relation to the other countries.
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The same charts like before, this time with the death cases brought in relation to the citizens.
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This chart shows the proportion of the total death cases to the positive cases total worldwide. (Is the same like the fatality ratio, but here in absolut numbers)

Line graphs of some countries regarding mortality.
Comparison of the years 2015 to 2020
Explanation for the charts and what you see here:
Here you can see various line charts of some countries that show the mortality in the years 2015 to 2020.
This mortality does NOT refer purely to Covid-19, but shows the total deaths for the respective countries. The values ​​you see here in the diagrams always relate to a calendar week. The data come from Eurostat, for years further back please visit Eurostat database , You can view the data there directly in the data explorer, select the data you want and, if necessary, download it in a wide variety of file formats.

Note: These data are not updated daily, the updates depend on the currentness of the database. The figures for 2020 are partly only provisional and are constantly updated by Eurostat. It should also be mentioned here that data are not currently available for every country for every year. It can happen that individual data series are therefore not displayed for some countries.

TIP: In order to only compare certain years in the diagrams, you can hide the undesired data series by clicking on the category in the legend of the diagram. As usual, there are of course various options available to you here (save diagram as image, download raw data, etc.).

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